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HNC Year 1

This is a 2 year course where students explore contemporary art practice through a series of projects which help to develop their skills and conceptual ideas. Projects are designed to be very open ended allowing students to develop personal ideas and research skills.


The specialisms covered include:

  • 2D Art - drawing, painting, printmaking (lino, etching, screenprint) and mixed media.

  • Sculpture - casting, assemblage, installation and performance.

  • Digital - photography and video.

In addition students undertake first hand research through gallery visits and working with artists. The aim of the course is to assist students in their development as practising artists and progress through art education on to a degree programme in an art school.

Students are encouraged to keep a visual diary, which reflects their personal practice, individual interests and the work of other artists. This becomes a personal journal of their development during the course.

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