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What does contemporary art mean?


It means that the art belongs to the present day. A contemporary artist is alive today and makes art works to show in galleries and public spaces. Unlike modern art, contemporary art is not defined by a list of schools of art, time periods or styles of art.


Some contemporary art is also called conceptual art. In conceptual art, the artist will focus on what their work is about, as well as how it is experienced by other people. The artist concentrates on how best to explain their ideas (or concepts) to the viewer using visual clues.


Conceptual art can be in many forms, it could be sculpture, painting, video, performance, words or photos. Sometimes, in conceptual art, there is no object at all. Conceptual art can be hard to collect or keep because the artists own experience can be the work of art. It often makes us think about what a work of art can be.It is very important that you have an open mind. You need to be prepared for new experiences and new knowledge.


Artists use the creative process. Art can be about the artist. It can be about where they come from. It can express their opinions. It can ask questions. It can be about how they see their life, how they see the world. Art can be about anything.


Every work of art requires the artist to make choices. They choose the subject matter. Once the artist has experimented with their ideas, they decide how they want to create the art

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